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  • Do you Offer a Full Service?
  • How many respondent types do you have?
  • Is live Video Streaming Secure?

We can offer a full service and have done occassionaly, our expertise is providing parts of the research process that others struggle with. Recruitment being our specialty.

Our fully GDPR compliant database has many thousands of different respondent types across many specialties and sectors, please get in touch to see how we can recruit (and interview if need be) your next sample.

Yes, all of our streams are encrypted and require a link, a key and a pin to work, without any of these, a broadcast cannot be viewed.

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More of Your Questions

How Do I get to take part in Research?
At the top of the this page, you will see a link to join us, please remember to use the right link so we can get in touch with relevent projects.
Why do companies pay to do Research?
Companies pay to ensure that travel costs and time are compensated for, some people have to come far to assist in our studies.
Why do companies use Viewing Facilities?
It is important to the people who are commissioning the research to ensure that they can hear first hand what is being said, a report is great but hearing things on the day is key.
Is Video Streaming compatible with Apple Iphones?
All of our streams are compatible with all devices, in 2020-2021 we completly overhauled our streaming platform.
How many respondents do you book a year
Thousands, literally thousands...