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Our History

The Adkins Research Group

For Over Twenty Years...

Passion, experience and a fierce tenacity are the cornerstones of our success in our industry.

The Adkins Research Group is a privately owned Limited Company that has been trading within the market research sector since 1989. We offer a wide variety of services to assist our clients in their continuing quest for knowledge in an ever changing environment. Adkins Research Group has a track record in specialised recruitment and moderating of Healthcare Professionals, Patients and Consumers. We offer report writing, transcriptions and content analysis. We have an international streaming brand and can offer all manner of video relay and recording services.


  • 2021

    Today we give the same urgency as we have always done and still recruit thousands of Healthcare Professionals across many specialties.

  • 2020

    The Stream Team Network completely redesigned their Streaming Platform updating to a new system with improved UX and ensuring cross compatability across all devices as standard.

  • 2019

    Developed our own Respondent management and payment platform to streamline incentive and recruitment processes.

  • 2007

    In 2007 the Stream Team Network was officially launched at the Insight Show in London.

  • 2004

    Opened a satellite site in Pembroke Dock.

  • 2000

    Midlands on View opened it's doors for the first time, three viewing rooms and four syndicate rooms available for all types of research

  • 1999

    Moved offices from Central Sutton to our location at Midlands Drive, 3000 square foot of dedicated offices

  • 1996

    Got asked to recruit hundreds of retail pharmacists for a postal survey.

  • 1994

    In 1994, we started our first hall tests, asking GP's to help in research.

I would always use a specialised recruiter rather than facility recruiters for this type of target. I can recommend Annette Madden at Adkins. They will also help guide you to the most suitable venue for your required target - it depends upon the speciality which you require. Annette is superb, has massive knowledge to help you!


In my experience Adkins Medical have always been helpful - always willing to advise, efficient delivering on projects, nice people to work with - always willing to cooperate on providing information on ongoing projects for my clients and cost effective. They are always my first choice for telephone research.

Our company has used ARG for all it's recruitment over the last 5+ years and they have consistently provided an excellent service. The project managers are helpful, attentive and never give up trying. They tackle difficult problems and 'hard to reach' respondents with experience and intelligence. Attendance rates are extremely high as ARG ensure they implement a stringent confirmation process. Adherence to guidelines is second to none. Throughout our working relationship, we have never considered going elsewhere - why look further when you get excellence every time.