Live Broadcasts

Live, Secure Video Streaming, Everywhere...

Stream Team Network

The Stream Team Network have been live streaming since 2007.

We have streamed events all over the world. We also have number of portable machines that can be used anywhere there is a need for live streaming.

"Stream Team" is the solution. Allowing market researchers the ability to invite clients to remotely view projects globally, from the comfort of their own PC, at home, on the move or in the office wherever there is an internet connection.

The Stream Team supplies you with the power to offer your clients live streaming at a much lower cost compared to major competitors in the market.

The "Stream Team" will save you time, money and while supplying you with a high quality reliable service.
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Centrally Located

Right in the Heart of the UK with great transport links to all parts of the country, both North and South.

Portable Streaming from Anywhere

We are able to stream from locations such as hotels and recruiters' homes, anywhere there is internet.

Any Device Streaming

Our enhanced streaming option allows for streaming to all devices.

Video Relay and Role Play Kits

Doing research from a hotel and want to observe in a room nearby? Let us take care of that for you.

Top Quality Audio and Video Archives

All streams have archives and downloads are available as an option.